Always Loving You



You say you have found another
And that I’ll soon get over you
But I know,before you’re gone
It won’t be that easy to do
I have loved you for ever
Since when,we first met
You have became my one,and only
You won’t be that easy,to forget
I gave you my heart ,and love forever
The words I said, I do,I meant
All the plans for our future
I wonder,just where they went
You tell me to start my life over
But,just where do I begin
I know it wont easy to do
For all I can remember
Is always loving,you
You say that i’ll soon forget
But it won’t be so easy to do
I’ll always remember
Always, loving you

Linzie Marion Clayburn

6 thoughts on “Always Loving You

  1. You have a gift for poetry/songwriting! Your words flow beautifully AND the emotion behind them are emotions everyone can understand, because we’ve felt them, too.
    Excellent job, Marion! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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