My last poem for a while,hope you all like this one!


Brighter Days

With an acheing, in my heart
And the teardrops in my eyes
I stand here and listen
To your last,goodbye
But before I walk away
There’s something
That I need to say
Let’s try it one more time
Don’t give up on this heart of mine
Give it some time let our love mend
Tell me,you love me once, again
Make my world a lot lighter
And my blue eyes,a lot brighter
For they see only you
With a love strong and true
Take these tears from my eyes
And take back your goodbye
And we’ll be happy once again
Promise,you will love me till the end
Take our dark clouds away
Let us live,in brighter days

Linzie Marion Clayburn

6 thoughts on “BRIGHTER DAYS

    • Thanks! Cheryl! πŸ™‚
      Appreciate your kind comment!
      And if, it wasn’t so expensive, I would pursue that, I tried it back in 1985, but got so costly I had to give it up
      You hve a great night! My Friend

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