The Moving Sale


The moving sale is over
And every piece is gone
Each one held a special memory
Of something,or someone
It’s hard to sit and watch
As your life goes out the door
One piece at a time
All you have been working for
And it’s sad when two people
Can’t get along
And end up sellin,everything they own
Broken hearts,and broken homes
Are so common place,anymore
But you don’t really notice
Untill, it becomes yours
They tried to work it out
And there was nothing,more to do
And with the moving sale over
It’s the end of him,and you

Linzie Marion Clayburn

I wrote this in 1985
After watching my brother and his wife,break up and selling all their stuff,and moving away,it was a very sad situation, and these words just seemed to fill my head so I wrote them down
Have just been in my keeps drawer ever since,just thought I would share them here,hope you all like it
Thank you

11 thoughts on “The Moving Sale

  1. A very sad poem.
    But, a good poem. I’ve read a lot of poems, I’ve written a few, I have friends who are poets…and you have a talent for poem writing, Marion. Keep writing!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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