Our Christmas Tree


This is our little Christmas tree this year.
We decided to scale down this year,so we went from a five foot to a two and half footer.
It is still big enough to get the keepsake ornments on.
There are ornaments that my son put on the tree,thirty eight yers ago,
And I have two daughters,one is twenty eight,and the youngest one is twenty one,
And they both have their ornaments on the tree,as well as the grandkids,their ornaments are on iit as well,a lot of them were home made.
To a lot of people to look at this little tree,it would look tiny,and kinda drab to them.
But one thing is for sure
This tiny tree is big enough to hold my whole world on it’s tiny btanches.
And hopefuly for many Christmas’s,to come.

Merry Christmas To You All

7 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree

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  2. This is one of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen and it is beautiful through the heart out.
    A very blessed Christmas to you also.

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