8 thoughts on “From Tears To Giggles

  1. Fantastic!! The second photo is my favourite, I love the way you’ve captured his eyes, it really brings you into the photo and his mood. I think the most important thing about portrait photography is bringing the person ‘into’ the picture, so capturing the eyes is very important. Most of the best portraits out there are very simple photos, but the reason they are so good is the photographer has captured the eyes, and the expression in them.
    I really like your ones, when I look at them I feel happy, I laugh, and that’s exactly what you want people to do. Well done!!!! (And your model is unspeakably cute!) =D

    • Hello Jemimah,
      Thank you so very much for you wonderful comment.
      I am so glad you liked the photos, that was a lucky shot for me and I couldn’t pass it up,lol
      And yea he is kinda cute,lol
      Coursr I may be a little prejudice, that is Ryan,my Grandson
      I am going to be doing some moree photos in black and white,I love the vintage look it gives them.
      And I hope you are ok,there after your ordeal with the little colt.
      Take care and visit any time
      Happy shooting my friend!

      • I’d love to see some more b&w photos of yours, I really like them!! B&W does give it a really nice vintage look, I agree.
        I’m doing okay after the ordeal with the foal, it wasn’t easy, but it was God’s will, and His will is always perfect!!

      • Hi
        Glad you are doing ok there
        And you are so right God’s will is always the right way
        And i am glad you like the photos. I just some more of Ryan in black&white and will be doing more later.
        Feel free to stop by anytime and check them out.
        You take care,stay well,safe and happy.

        Your Friend In Photos


      • Looking forward to seeing more of Ryan, he really is so cute!!!! You must be very proud of him!!
        I’ll be away for the next week with my family, so I won’t have any internet access while I’m gone, but I’ll catch up on people’s posts when I get back.
        Take care as well,

      • I will do more of ryan for sure,he is a pretty willing subject,sometimes,lol
        Hope you have a great week away with yoir parents,
        Enjoy the time with them,for sure.
        And thank you for the wonderful comments,I appreciate it very much.
        Take care nd stay safe and well
        Catch you later!

      • This week away will be lovely, we haven’t been away for a couple of years, so we are very much looking forward to it!! And we don’t often get away, as there are 10 of us!! =D (And no, I’m not kidding, I have two parents and 8 siblings, most people when they hear how large my family is think I am joking!)
        Holidays in a big family are always expensive, so we really treasure the time we have together when we’re away!

  2. Hey i know what it is like being in a big family,lol
    There was 14 in my family
    And the holidays were always a very special time
    Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy every minuit of it
    Catch you later,
    Your friend!


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